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Craft Beer & Brewing Industry Statistics, Market Share, Worth & Future Growth


The craft beer and brewing industry is growing rapidly, with more and more people becoming interested in craft beers. As a business owner within this industry, it is important to understand the statistics behind it all in order to make informed decisions about the future of your company. In this article, we will explore some of the most important craft beer and brewing industry statistics; including market share, revenue, and employment statistics. We will also touch on the future outlook of the craft beer industry and predictions for its continued growth.


Current Statistics On The Craft Beer Industry

First, let’s take a look at the current state of the craft beer industry. I

Market Statistics And Growth-

  • According to the Brewers Association, in 2019 craft beer comprised 13% of the overall beer market in terms of sales.
  • In terms of volume, craft beer now makes up 10.2% of the beer market.
  • Other types of beer in the beer market include
    •  mass-produced beers (such as Budweiser and Coors), 
    • import beers
    • specialty beers (such as gluten-free beers).

The craft beer industry saw a 6.6% growth in 2019, totaling $29.3 billion in economic impact.

Revenue And Profit Statistics

  • The craft beer industry generated $24.1 billion in revenue in 2018.
  • Of that, 10% was from craft breweries, while the remaining revenue came from craft beer wholesalers.
  • The average craft brewery produces 60,000+ barrels of beer per year.
  • The median size for microbreweries is much smaller, at just 4,000 barrels per year.
  • In terms of profit, craft breweries saw a net income of $1.8 billion in 2018.
  • The average profit margin for craft breweries is 7%.

Employment Statistics

  • The craft beer industry employs more than 17,000 people across the United States.
  • Of those, more than 5,000 are directly employed by craft breweries.
  • The remaining employees work in craft beer wholesalers, retailers, and suppliers.
  • The craft beer industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in terms of employment, with a 7.5% growth rate from 2017 to 2021.
  • The average wage for craft beer industry employees is $36,000-50,000 per year.

Other Craft Beer and Brewing Statistics

  • There are more than 8,000 craft breweries in the United States.
  • In 2019, there were 23,347,950 barrels of craft beer produced.


Future Outlook Of The Craft Beer Industry

Now that we’ve looked at some of the most important craft beer and brewing industry statistics, let’s turn our attention to the future:

  • The craft beer industry is expected to continue growing in the years to come, with some predictions suggesting that it could double in size by 2030.
  • This growth will be driven by a number of factors, including an increasing interest in craft beers, a growing number of craft breweries, and a continued shift away from mass-produced beers.
  • As the craft beer industry grows, we can expect to see more jobs created, more tax revenue generated, and more economic impact across the United States.
  • Some challenges that the industry may face in the future include a saturation of the market, a slowdown in the growth of craft breweries, and increased competition from other alcoholic beverages.
  • Despite these challenges, the craft beer industry is expected to continue growing in the years to come, making it an exciting time to be a part of this industry.



As you can see, the craft beer industry is booming and there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a craft brewery. If you’re thinking about starting a craft brewery, now is a great time to do so. With the right planning and execution, you can build a successful business in this growing industry.